Word of mouth has always been one of the best ways to get people to buy, or at least consider buying in a particular business.

While it’s difficult to get ordinary people to talk about a particular product, getting a group of approximately 100 people to mention a product to the approximately 500 people with whom they frequently interact is quite easy, it’s traditional word-of-mouth which can only be done with correct influencer marketing strategies.

What is influencer marketing?

influencer marketing strategies

An excellent way to avoid the indirect ways of getting hundreds of people to talk about a business or share a product, it is possible to get one or two influencers who have many followers who respect them to talk about a product with their followers. This is influencer marketing.

The most common examples of influencer marketing strategies come in the form of celebrity endorsements. Big companies pay actors, vloggers, musicians, athletes and other well-known people and pay them to be advertisers or carriers of their products.

While traditional influencing marketing strategies manifest itself in television, magazines and some online content, e-commerce companies often focus on that third option. And such content can take many forms: it could be an online video, a blog or social networking posts.

Find an influencer in your niche

This is the easiest step.

Business owners are usually intimately familiar with the environment of their product, which will include at least a brief list of associated celebrities.

Otherwise, surfing the Internet for about an hour will give you lots of ideas to work with. Here are some ideas for places to look:

YouTubers & Influencer Marketing Strategies

Many creators on the site have the perfect type of content that can be combined with sponsored content. The cheapest fruit in terms of the types that can be used is product reviewers or “unboxing”.

The driving force behind these channels is having more products to review or unpack. Giving them products to do this helps them create more and better content at the same time, which gives your company exposure and probably a positive review. Here’s a complete list of Youtubers by Wikipedia to start with!

Bloggers in Influencer Marketing Strategies

While there is much exposure in the world of YouTube, there are more than 440 million blogs on the Internet from 2013 onwards. Note that that was 5 years ago and the number is still growing daily.

There is a lot of overlap between YouTube, but one thing bloggers tend to have an advantage in storytelling. Writers have the ability to tell stories much better than video creators. There are also news bloggers and list creators.

These kinds of lists and news can be designed in native advertising. Numerous e-commerce companies have paid content creators at major blogging sites to create a consumer base.

Negotiate Rates with Influencers

Obviously, spending too much money on getting sponsored content will effectively negate its positive impact, so having the right rate is key. Ultimately this is like hiring an employee and negotiating the salary.

You want the number to be as low as possible while you want it to be as high as possible. One thing to keep in mind is how large the audience of the possible influence is.

Content creators with a smaller audience base could have an impact on that audience if the advertising in the content is a bit bold. Not only would that ruin the advertising campaign, but your relationship with the creator will dilute.

In addition to considering the audience of influencers, there are many small things to consider when discussing fees: theme, taxes, and equipment.

Developing a relationship in Influencer Marketing Strategies

It’s important not just to do business and end up with influencers. Once you’ve established contact and even participated in one or two marketing campaigns, maintaining contact and relationship is really important in influencer marketing strategies.

Having that relationship can lead to better marketing for both you and the content creators you work with. It’s worth noting that both sides are working together to grow.

While you have a product you sell that generates revenue, especially with bloggers, you are the source of revenue. That makes them as dependent on you as you can be on them. This gives you the opportunity to work closely with them for a long time.

However, sticking is not something you want to happen. Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices to appease an influencer if that person isn’t someone who generates a lot of income.

The relationship should be close, but professional and realistic.

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