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Green Competition Jury

AN Cheong Sook 안정숙

AN Cheong Sook is the Director of private Independent Film House, INDIESPACE. INDIESPACE opened while AN Cheong Sook was serving as the chairperson of the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), but was eventually closed. The theater reopened as a private independent film house with the help of filmmakers and ordinary moviegoers who desperately recognized the necessity of an independent film theater, and raised a fund in support of an independent space. More than 50 Korean indie films, regardless of genre are screened here per year. AN Cheong Sook served as a journalist specializing in film for daily newspaper, Hankyoreh, and editor at film weekly, Cine21. She worked as a chairperson of KOFIC from 2005-2008.

YIM Soon-rye 임순례

Graduated from Hanyang University for English Language and Literature and completed her master’s course in Theater and Film at same School. She received MA degree in Film Studies at Universié Paris 8, in 1992. She worked as a production assistant in Out to the World in 1993 and directed a short film Walking in the Rain in 1994. The film received best picture and young critics' award at the 1st Short Film Festival in Seoul. After making her debut with Three Friends in 1996, She has directed Waikiki Brothers (2001), If You Were Me: The Weight of Her (2003), Forever the Moment (2008), Sorry, Thank You (2011) and South Bound (2012). Her latest film is The Whistleblower (2014).

HUH Moon Yung 허문영

He served as a chief editor at Cine21, a programmer of Busan Film Festival, a director of Cinematheque Busan, and now works as a program director for Busan Cinema Center. He is the author of Invisible Films and Secular Films, Secular Criticism.

Korean Green Competition Jury

MO Eunyoung 모은영

She studied for master's degree and doctorate degree (in Animation studies) at the graduate school of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia and Film, Chung-Ang University. She served as a programmer for the 3rd Green Film Festival in Seoul in 2006 and Korean Film Archive since 2008. She now serves as a programmer at Indie-AniFest.

RYU Mi-rye 류미례

Born in 1971, in Haenam, Jeon-nam. She worked as a reporter for monthly magazine of the KPAF, Minjok Yesul and joined ‘PURN Production’ in 1998. She made documentary films including Making the Spy (1998), The Dong River Flows (1999) and Happy Friends (2001). With her film Life Goes On (2004), which reflects on 3 generations of mother-I-daughter, based on her own marriage and delivery, she was awarded with 2004's The Woman in Film of the Year and for My Sweet Baby, she won Dokbul Award at Seoul Independent Film Festival.

JANG Meejeong 장미정

She currently works as a director of Korea Environmental Education Center and a senior researcher of its sub organization, Environmental Education For All Research Institute. She majored in Environmental Studies and Environmental Education in University and lectures at Seoul National University and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. She is also a member of Green in Seoul and the Council for the development of Environmental Education, director of Board of Education for the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, the board member of the Korea Academy of Environment and Society, and the research professor at Eco Peace Leadership Center.

Preliminary Selection Jury


NAM Da Eun 남다은

Won Cine21 Film Criticism Award in 2004. She writes film reviews in various medias. She is a programmer for Indieforum and an editorial staff of Moonhakdongnae.

MAENG Soojin 맹수진

She graduated from the Department of English Education, Korea University, and received a PhD from the Department of Theater and Film, Dongguk University. She was a member of the executive committee for the Seoul Independent Film Festival, a member of the steering committee for the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video, a staff critic for the weekly film magazine Movie Week , and the programmer for the Jeonju Film Festival and DMZ International Documentary Film Festival. She is currently lecturing at universities such as Dongguk University and Chugye University for the Arts while writing about independent films and documentaries. She has written numerous books and translations including Truth or Fiction: Documentaries on the Border, Issues of Korean Short Films , and the translation for Faking it: Mock-documentary and the subversion of factuality.

LEE Yong Cheol 이용철

Graduated from Yonsei University's School of Business. He works as a film critic and editorial staff webzine Extreme Movie and Cine21 .


SONG Hyo Joung 송효정

Film critic, a professor of Daegu University's Elementary Education course. She pursues her journalistic career after winning 12th Cine21 F ilm Criticism Award. She received a doctor's degree in Korea University with her studies in Korean Modern Literature, and studies Film Theory, Media Theory, and Korean Literature. She was a programmer for Indieforum and City Film Festival in 2015.

LEE Do-hoon 이도훈

LEE Do-hoon is studying for doctorate at Yonsei Graduate School of Communication and Arts. He works as a member of the Korean Independent Film Association's critics' part and is an editorial staff for Independent Films Magazine INDIE-ALT-ZINE and independent film interview magazine NOW. His main articles include 'Spatial Rotations' of Korean Independent Films, Reproduction of Space and Loss of Emotion, Korean Independent Films and a Chronicle of Poverty on Korean independent films, and Anthony MANN's Transcendental Western and the Exit of the Westerns on western films, Scattered modern Society and Cinema on Siegfried KRACAUER. He published 21st Century Independent Films and currently conducts a study on the films about the streets of the Weimar Republic.

HWANG Hei-rim 황혜림

HWANG Hei-rim is a producer and co-managing director at the film production/distribution company Metaplay. She was a staff writer at the weekly film magazine Cine21 for six years from 1997. Since 2006, she worked as a full-time programmer for Green Film Festival in Seoul (GFFIS) and its Green Archive until 2011. She produced a short, two-part music documentary Reservoir

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